County Team Head Coach Damon Jenkins - Kerman High

Head Coach Damon Jenkins - County Team

Coach Jenkins recently completed his 13 season coaching football, his second season as the Head Football Coach at Kerman High School. In Coach Jenkin's first year as head coach, he was voted Tri-County Athletic-Kings Canyon Coach of the Year. This season, Coach Jenkins guided his football team to the Valley Championship game, the first in school history.

Coach Jenkins, a former Fresno State defensive back, played for the Bulldogs from 2004-2007. Jenkins played for the powerhouse De La Salle High School during its 151-game winning streak, winning three national champion.

Coach Jenkins also has a passion for training and mentoring athletes. His dedication goes beyond the realms of a traditional coach; it's a fervent commitment to the holistic development of each individual under his guidance. With an infectious enthusiasm, Coach Jenkins not only imparts technical skills but instills a profound sense of discipline and self-belief in his athletes. His mentoring approach is characterized by a genuine interest in their personal growth, both on and off the field.