City Team Head Coach Andrew Pancotti - McClane High

Head Coach Andrew Pancotti - City Team

Athletic Career:

Coach Pancotti's athletic skillset was first showcased at Clovis East High School, where he excelled as a running back and safety under the leadership of Tim Murphy. His remarkable performance led the team to a D1 Section title and earned him a spot on the prestigious Fresno Bee All Valley team. At the time that he was playing high school football, teams only played up to the section title and there was no official state championship game. Even though this was the case, Clovis East Football was known to be the best in the state, so they flew to Midland Lee, Texas to play their number one team. In this game, Coach Pancotti assisted the team in their double overtime win with 2 touchdowns, over 280 rushing yards, and field goal block. His high school football career reached a high point when he played a crucial role in the City/County All-Star game, scoring a game winning touchdown for the County team in a 14-7 victory.

Coaching Career:

Coach Pancotti's coaching journey began under the mentorship of Randy Blankenship and Scot McKinney at Madera High School, where he began shaping his coaching philosophy and techniques. He then took on the role of Head Football Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach at J.I. Case High School in Racine, Wisconsin, working under Principal Jeff Eben. There he worked on developing his philosophy and growing as a coach on and off the field. He then returned to his roots, where he served as an Assistant Head Coach and the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Clovis East High School alongside Ryan Reynolds, further solidifying his reputation as a skilled and strategic coach.

The turning point in Coach Pancotti's career came when he accepted the position of Head Football Coach at McLane High School. Here, he has made an unforgettable mark, turning around the football program in just three years. In his first year, he led the Highlanders to a 5-5 record, winning the Revolutions Bowl. The second year saw continued success with another 5-5 record, victories in both the Revolution Bowl and the Battle of Cedar - a first in the school’s history. His third year was even more impressive, leading McLane to their first 6-win season in a decade and achieving seven wins in a season for the first time since 1995. His peers recognized these remarkable achievements by naming Coach Pancotti the 2023 NYL Coach of the Year. Under his guidance, McLane has seen the most wins in the last 28 years, clearly indicating the program's positive trajectory under his leadership.

Coaching Philosophy:

Coach Pancotti's philosophy extends far beyond the tactical aspects of football. He sees football as a powerful metaphor for life, offering countless parallels and lessons that prepare young men for future success and happiness. He believes in the profound responsibility and opportunity a coach has to impact lives, adhering to the mantra, "Impacting lives through building positive relationships with young men, using football as our platform."

His mission is clear: to use football and its lessons as tools to equip young men for success in all life's aspects. This approach involves building a strong team culture, building strength in the weight room, emphasizing hard work, integrity, selflessness, and continuous competition. Coach Pancotti's commitment to excellence is matched by his dedication to developing his players' character and life skills.


  • Hard Work Pays Off: A commitment to putting in the effort required to achieve greatness.
  • Remember Who You Are and What You Represent: Emphasizing personal and team integrity both on and off the field.
  • Give More Than You Take: Encouraging a mindset of contribution and selflessness.


  1. Make It Important: Every task, no matter how small, is done with the utmost importance and dedication.
  2. Put the Team First: Prioritizing the needs and success of the team over individual accolades.
  3. Always Compete: Fostering a spirit of relentless competition and continuous improvement.

These principles not only guide his approach to football, but also help shape his players into responsible and hardworking individuals.

Future Goals:

Looking ahead, Coach Pancotti is dedicated to elevating McLane High School's football program to new heights. His goals include:

  1. Continuing to Build Leaders: Fostering a culture where players are not just athletes but also community leaders, embodying the values of service and leadership.
  2. Developing a Top-tier Strength and Conditioning Program: Creating the best strength and conditioning program in the state, emphasizing physical development, injury prevention, and mental toughness.
  3. Achieving Playoff Success: Breaking a 28-year drought by winning the first playoff game, setting a new standard of excellence for McLane High School football.

These ambitious goals are a testament to Coach Pancotti's unwavering commitment to excellence and his belief in the transformative power of high school football.