Head Coach Mason Rodman

Head Coach Mason Rodman - County Team

Head Coach Mason Rodman started coaching football and teaching in Firebaugh in 2014. 2022 will be Coach Rodman's 2nd year coaching the County Team. Coach Rodman and the Firebaugh Eagles are coming off a very good year having gone 9 - 3 and making it to the 2nd round in the Playoffs.

Prior to coaching and teaching, Coach Rodman played both Football and Baseball at his alma mater, Mariposa High having graduated in 2004. He went on to play college football at Hartnell in 2007 and Fresno State in 2010.

Coach Rodman coaches Football and teaches strength and conditioning. He also has coached Varsity Baseball at Firebaugh for 6 years. Coach Rodman coached OC for 4 years under Dejon Kelly before he himself became Head Coach in 2020. Coach Rodman has a passion for coaching and building upstanding young men.

Coach Rodman loves living and working in the community of Firebaugh, where he and his wife Julia perform their greatest job of raising their 2 wonderful children, Alden who is 3 and Aubrey who is 1, who mean the world to he and his wife. Coach Rodman is blessed to have his families support of his career.